Project Management

Project Management

In these courses you will learn about the process groups and knowledge of project management.

Managing Stakeholders Relationships Coming Soon

Managing Stakeholders Relationships

January 19, 2020 / No Comments

Project manager maybe started managing the relationship with different internal or external stakeholders from business sponsors, customers, community ladies or government regulators. In this introductory course, we’ll look at how to identify stakeholders project and understand the importance of stakeholder management to an organization, how to identify, select and categorize sleep, part of plan stakeholder engagements, how to manage stakeholders and finally, how to monitor an ongoing stakeholder management engagements.

Project Management Clarified Coming Soon

Project Management Clarified

January 8, 2020 / No Comments

1. Definition of the project. 2. Create tasks list 3. Create Schedule. 4. Add contingency. 5. Consider crashing. 6. Make a Gantt chart. 7. Calculate resource requirements. 8. Assess risks and prepare action plans 9….