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Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing. TPM methodology implementation, change of behavior and culture. Engaging all employees to use effective problem solving tools to make permanent and significant reduction in plant losses and as per customer’s specifications. Effectively and efficiently employing machinery, materials, methods and manpower through the use of Lean Six Sigma tools.

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Blended Learning Path!

Combination of video, text content and presentations helps students to get trained faster and more efficient. Learn efficiently at your own pace.

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Value for Money!

Our Virtual structure allows us to deliver a high-value learning experience at prices that are the best in the market and significantly lower than what you would be required to pay for similar programs elsewhere while still achieving the highest level of quality and service.

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Early Management Process is high effective Work Methodology to maximize the Quality Level, minimize Development Cost and become the Company Profitable and Motivated to Grow Up continuously.
Accurate and detailed maintenance logs and records are essential for root cause analysis, determining corrective actions, and process improvements. They should not be overlooked!
A company that has always done breakdown maintenance must carefully evaluate the degradation of the systems.