Lean Six Sigma

Introduction to Lean

  • The principles of lean production were first established at Ford Motor Company, and they were recorded in several books Mr. Ford wrote in the 1920s. Lean is defined as the elimination of all non-value-added activities, or waste.

Introduction to Six Sigma

  • In the early 1980s, Motorola was struggling with some quality issues and productivity problems and had lost some significant memory chip business to Japanese competitors. Six Sigma is to provide reliable, consistent, dependable products to your customers. The process focuses on three things: eliminate defects, reduce variability, and the satisfy customer. Six Sigma is based on the belief that if a variation can be reduced and held close to the middle of a product specification limits, then there is less chance for defects to occur.

Lean Six Sigma

  • Reduce variation and eliminate waste
Lean Six Sigma White Belt Free
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Lean Six Sigma White Belt

April 4, 2020 / 2 Comments

Introduction to Lean, Six Sigma and Value Stream Mapping, basic terminology. Overview of leading strategies, tools, methods and organizational disciplines that have enabled companies worldwide, across all industry sectors, to drive high impact, measurable benefits….

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Lean Production

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This course will cover main points of Lean Manufacturing including quality, cost and waste control. Also you will be able perform process analysis and calculate the impact of variability and of setups on capacity on flow time and Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Review of SMED, Pull, Kaizen, 5S, Poka-Yoke and Jidoka.

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