Autonomous Maintenance Step 4 Forms

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Autonomous Maintenance Step 4 goes even further in working the equipment up into its ideal state by identifying and rectifying minor defects through a logical approach based on a sound knowledge of the equipment’s structure and functions. It must be implemented rigorously, one category (sub-step) at a time.


This purchase includes the following documents (.doc) that are necessary for Autonomous Maintenance Step 4:

  • Planning Chart for Step 4 Activities
  • Identification of subjects (Analysis of Machining Work and Implementation of General Inspection). Case Example of Implementing General Inspection: Pneumatic System
  • Planning Chart for Implementation of Autonomous Maintenance Step 4
  • Example of Educational Materials. Educational Materials for Autonomous Maintenance Step
  • Operator Educational Materials. Example of Educational Materials
  • General Inspection Education. Education Schedule
  • Checksheet for Level of Understanding: General Inspection of Grease and Lubrication System
  • Correspondence Education schedule
  • General Inspection Checksheet
  • Schedule for General Inspection and Correction of Problems
  • List for General Inspection and Correction of Problems
  • Application Form for Autonomous Maintenance Diagnosis. Autonomous Maintenance Diagnosis Sheet:
    – Step 4-1: General Inspection (Lubrication)
    – Step 4-2: General Inspection (Hydraulic and pneumatic)
    – Step 4-3: General Inspection (Drive)
    – Step 4-4: General Inspection (Electrical)
    – Step 4-5: General Inspection (Nuts and bolts)
AM step 4 process is described here:

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