The Journey of a Marketing Analytics Specialist to Director of Product – Pricing at Agoda

The Journey of a Marketing Analytics Specialist to Director of Product – Pricing at Agoda

Starting out as a Junior Marketing Analytics Specialist at Agoda, I embarked on a fulfilling career journey that eventually led me to the role of Director of Product – Pricing. Today, I would like to share my experience and the path I took to reach this position.

Diversifying My Learning

After spending two years in the Marketing department, I felt the need to broaden my horizons and explore different areas within the company. I expressed my interest to my then-manager, Matteo, who is now Agoda’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Together, we decided that a three-month ‘internal internship’ in the Customer Experience Group would be a great opportunity for me to learn something new.

Transition to Product Management

Following my internship in the Customer Experience Group, I found myself drawn towards the field of Product Management. Given my background in marketing analytics and my familiarity with pricing strategies, Matteo and I agreed that Product Management in Pricing would be a natural fit for me.

Seamless Adaptation

Thanks to my prior experience in pricing and my analytical skills, the transition to Product Management was seamless. I was able to quickly adapt to the new role and contribute effectively to the team. Agoda’s supportive work environment and the guidance provided by my colleagues played a crucial role in my successful transition.

Director of Product – Pricing

Now, as the Director of Product – Pricing at Agoda, I am responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of pricing strategies for our products. My role involves analyzing market trends, understanding customer behavior, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to optimize pricing models.

Continuous Learning and Growth

Throughout my journey at Agoda, one thing has remained constant – the importance of continuous learning and personal growth. The company encourages its employees to pursue new opportunities, acquire new skills, and challenge themselves. This mindset has not only helped me evolve professionally but has also contributed to Agoda’s success as a leading global travel platform.


My journey from a Junior Marketing Analytics Specialist to the Director of Product – Pricing at Agoda has been a rewarding experience. By embracing new challenges and leveraging my skills, I have been able to carve a niche for myself in the field of Product Management. Agoda’s supportive culture and emphasis on continuous learning have played a pivotal role in my professional growth. I am grateful for the opportunities I have received and excited for what the future holds.