Autonomous Maintenance Step 5 Forms

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Autonomous Maintenance Step 5 is aimed at understanding the equipment as an integrated whole, and making it Possible to keep it in its ideal condition within the targeted time.


This purchase includes the following documents (.doc) that are necessary for Autonomous Maintenance Step 5:

  • Planning Chart for Step 5 Activities
  • List for Evaluation of Cleaning, Inspection and Oiling Standards
  • Cleaning, Inspection and Oiling Standards. Example of Reevaluating General Inspection Standards: Before Improvement
  • Equipment Maintenance Standards. Example of Reevaluating Equipment Maintenance Standards
  • List for Identification and Correction of Problem Points
  • Final Cleaning, Inspection and Oiling Standards
  • Annual Maintenance Calendar
  • Maintenance Calendar (Monthly)
  • Checksheet for Autonomous Inspection
  • Checksheet for Autonomous Inspection Skills
  • Step 5 Diagnosis Sheet

AM step 5 process is described here:

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