F-tags Maintenance, Operations and Safety, Health and Environment

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  • Red tag (Maintenance)
  • Blue tag (Operator)
  • Yellow tag (Safety, Health, and Environment)

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What is “Fuguai”?

Fuguai = Problem or Abnormality

– functional defects
– pollution
– difficult to access/observe
– hard to tend/serve
– unsafe

Where Do You Find “Fuguai”?


How to Discover “Fuguai”?

Use your 5 senses:

SEE → use your eyes to observe
HEAR → listen and try to hear the unusual noises
SMELL → try to discover strange smells
TOUCH → try to feel heat, vibrations
TASTE → not normally recommended, but can be done from time to time

Use your brain: think before you make a judgment

How to find “Fuguai” During Initial Clean?

1st step: OBSERVATION ► Before doing anything, first, observe the machine as a whole to find all visible defects
2nd step: CLEANING (1st phase) ► Clean the machine thoroughly such that all hidden defects will be uncovered
3rd step: DISASSEMBLING PARTLY ► disassemble the main components of the machine and if possible, find the visible defects as done with step 1
4th step: CLEANING (2nd phase) ► Clean parts and components that can be accessed after disassembly
5th step: ASSEMBLING

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